Pricing and Rates Explained

Shared Tour and Private Tours


When booking a tour you can opt to book a shared tour or a private tour.

The private tour; means that the vehicle and guide will be exculsive to your group regardless if there is 1 in your group or 101. The price paid to us will be the total price for the tour. The total price shown is the price per vehicle. 


The Shared tour; means that you will join other guests in the vehicle for the tour. These are groups bundled together by us. There will be a wait list for these tours as we join people together. The advertised price per person is based upon 4 sharing and there must be at least 4 in the group or the price will increase perperson. There will never be more than 5 guests in one vehicle on these tours so that everyone gets a window of their own. 

Admission Included & opt out


All our tours now include the cost of admission to all attractions for your group. This is included in the advertised prices.  At time of booking you will be asked how many in your group wish to visit the attractions listed on your tour. To give the final price of the tour. Where necessary this means your tickets will be booked in advance for you and there will be no hidden fees on the day. This includes admission to all museums, attractions & national parks on your tour. However it does not inlcude any extra tours offered by the museums for example, the white glove tour at the Bell Museum or the VR ride at the Fortress Of Louisbourg. Please note that if you decide not to visit an attraction we can not offer a refund on the admission costs. 


Opt out; You can opt out for the admission fees for example you may wish to visit Baddeck but not the Bell Museum or some in your group may wish to visit it but not all of you. If this is the case just advise at the time of booking and we will adjust the cost accordingly. However if on the day you change your mind depending on the specific attraction speak to your guide and they will help you get a ticket on the day which will be at an addtional cost to yourself. 

Currencies & Payment, Taxes & Fees


All prices advertised are shown in CAD.When you are paying rest assured your card providor will charge you in your local currency and the conversion rate will be reflected on your statement. All taxes and fees are inlcuded in the advertised prices.


How to pay for a tour. 

Private tours: We take a 10% deposit by credit card over the phone which secures the tour for you.  You then have until 72hrs prior to departure of your tour to pay the outstanding balance in full. If the full payment is not recieved in time the booking will be cancelled.


Shared tours: We require a 10% deposit of the full cost of the tour to be paid by one party in the group or by all parties to secure the tour. For example Baddeck & Bell $250cad is being spilt 5 ways by by 5 solo travellers. All 5 pay $25cad as a deposit this leaves $125cad outstanding.

The individual parties then have until 7 days prior to departure of the tour to pay the outstanding balance of $25cad pp. Or 1 pays $25cad for the deposit and has only an outstanding balance of $25cad whereas all others will have to pay $50cad at once. If the full payment for the tour from all parties is not recieved in time their spot will be cancelled and offered to others on a waiting list or the group will be advised of a price change. 


Cancelleation & Refunds


Tours can be cancelled for any reason no later than 24hrs (private tour), 72hrs (shared tour) prior to the departure of your tour to receive a full refund on all monies paid less the transaction fees. 


If you are on a cruise ship and it cancels or alters its calling at Sydney for whatever reason and the tour can not beconducted a full refund will be issued. Please note that once the gangway is secured on the wharf or the first passenger carrying tender has docked the ship is considered docked regardless of the weather etc. 


If you are on public transportation eg Plane, Motorcoach or Shuttle and they are not going to arrive in time for your tour or cancel their arrival at Sydney a full refund will be offered if this can be verified by Sydney & Cape Breton Taxi Tours. Please note that this is not available to those who book part of a shared tour unless all are on the same transportation that is delayed arriving into Sydney. 






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