Terms and Conditions 

Cancellation Policy:

Please note to receive a full refund you must cancel at least 24hrs in advance not with standing the following exceptions;

Cruise ship cancels or alters timing of call;

If the ship cancels or alters its call for whatever reason that is outwith your control and the tour will no longer be feasible you will be offered a full refund.

Other transportation to the island cancels or breaksdown;

If your mode of transport to the island is unable to get you to the island and this is with less than 24hrs before the tour and you wish to cancel, you can apply for a full refund. Please note that evidence of the failure of transport to the island will have to be shown.


Returning in time for ship or other transport off the island.

All our driver/guides are very experienced in getting you to your transport in time after your tour. They will always give clear timing instructions to ensure this happens. You must follow these timing. If you are late back to the vehicles causing delays to the tour we are not responsible for any connections missed. Please be aware that we always endeavour to get you back at least 60mins before your cut off timings  begin. 


Health & Safety

As you travel in the travel in the taxi you are covered by general taxi insurance at all times. However on all times outside of the vehicle you are recommended to have your own travel insurance for any incidents that may occur.

Many of our photo stops are at roadsides and pullouts if a guide decides it is not safe to stop for whatever reason no compensation will be offered for this.

When hiking, swimming or at photo stops outside of the vehicle we strongly advise all guest to stay on marked trails and in swimming markers. We are not responsible for your health and safety if you go outwith these. 

Hopefully we will encounter wildlife sightings. However it is policy that how close to the wildlife you can get will be determined by the guide. As a general rule photos of wildlife by the roadside will be taken from inside the vehicles. 

We are not responsible for any delays or cancellations by the 3rd party operators and affect it will have on the timings of the tours. For particular busy attractions such as Cape Smokey Gondola and the Miners Museum we strongly advice booking a time slot with us in advance to minimise any adverse affects on the tour. 

If  a 3rd party operator is delayed and to ensure timely return to the cruise ship etc the guide decides to cut the tour short no compensation shall be offered. 

Please remember that while touring traffic delays can happen. All our tours offer back up plans our guides know about and if an emergency situation has happened that will exceed the generously planned safety net of time, contact will be made to try and delay the cruise ship etc. 

If your return to the cruise ship etc is so delayed that you miss it and it is our fault due to but not limited to mechanical failure of the vehicle the cost and transportation to your next destination will be covered by us.

All 3rd party operators suggested or not suggested by us are exactly that 3rd party operators and we are not responsible for any injury or health issue caused by their undertakings no matter how this is caused. 


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